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Florida will need to create 2 million net new jobs to accommodate growth.

According to the US Business Census, there are 2.8 million small businesses in Florida, which represent 99.8% of all Florida businesses and hire 3.6 million employees.

Value Pick will help small business growth by implementing the following:

  • Help companies develop their workforce's skills by providing training and sharing his knowledge of state-of-the-art analytics tools.

  • Support local businesses using best quality key performance indicators (KPIs) and tracking dashboard techniques.

  • Develop, plan, and implement financial modelling solutions for companies, employing high-performing strategies that improve their financial situations.

  • Use a variety of proven technical and analytical skills to improve short-term forecasts, enhance consumer experience, and increase sales of a business to ensure the company is meeting its distribution goals.

  • Develop professional skills by advising and training small-business owners to avoid investment blunders, manage financial markets, and so on.

  • Provide strategic and actionable support to volume forecast assessments to improve business planning and strategy.

  • Educate small business owners on the use of analytics tools to drive company growth and on how to implement analytics data to streamline operations, improve processes, and identify new business opportunities.

  • Collaborate with businesses and their employees to create and set effective and measurable strategic plans for short- and long-term goals.

Florida 2030 Blueprint

The Florida Chamber of Commerce's Florida 2030 Blueprint projects that by 2030, 26 million Floridians will be living in the state, and that Florida will need to create 2 million net new jobs to accommodate such growth.
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