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Business Guidance

Coaching and mentoring businesses through the use of best quality key performance indicators (KPIs) and tracking dashboard techniques.

Develop, plan, and implement financial modeling solutions for companies, employing high-performing strategies that improve their financial situations.

Financial Small Business Guidance includes; step-by-step understanding of your financial statements (what are the numbers really telling you), gradual reduction of expenses with the application of financial ratios; CASH FLOW TO DEBT, NET PROFIT MARGIN, GROSS MARGIN RATIO, QUICK RATIO, ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE TURNOVER & Others to help you understand and monitor weekly, monthly improvements and your overall business health.

Sales Forecasting & Implementing Sales Strategies to grow your business revenue.

Presenting Your Business to Lenders for institutional & private loans.

The ‘Group Coaching’ program is designed for smaller businesses that are not quite ready for the intense mentorship coaching.  The group will consist of 3 small business owners (no two industries alike) that are looking for accountability, systems and strategies to better streamline their business for growth.

Team Building Day is a customized day designed to align, enroll and empower each individual as well as the entire organization. It includes a full day of learning, training, team building exercises, planning, goal setting to gain clarity and synergy on the future of your business with all the key members of your team.

Business Portfolio Diversification and Fundamentals to Value Investing

Intermediate Value Investing Guidance

Advanced Value Investing Guidance

2nd opinion to Portfolio Management

Corporate Finance & Project evaluations

Individual Guidance

Building Wealth & Protection Against Rising Inflation

(Teaching proven strategies on protecting against the rising cost of living, asset diversification and financial security)

2nd opinion to individuals that have been misled/misguided in their previous and current investing.

1-on-1 personal finance related questions and solutions.


Educational class with a teaching tailored approach to immigrants, newcomers to US and people that are not very literate in finance. Where to start and how to choose proven wealth preservation strategies, quality company picking techniques for value investors and people that have been misguided before. An additional guidance advice for their finances; how to regain lost wealth from pandemic and solving the income inequality gap between the rich and the poor is also discussed.


"In addition to my small business and individual professional guidance, I offer financial counseling for immigrants and new citizens who don’t have a grasp on how finances work and how to ensure they make the right decisions. 

I teach Americans and immigrants in South Florida and nationwide remotely on how to invest carefully, avoiding the ‘bad’ investments and learning to pick value investments that will grow their wealth and make their money work for them. 

I also help individuals learn how to preserve their wealth, overcome the damage the pandemic caused, and how to overcome the income inequality present in our economy between the rich and poor.

Working with me, anyone can learn the value of buying value stocks, planning for retirement, and for emergencies. Individuals learn how to become self-sufficient and even successful. We don’t operate on speculation, but on the knowledge and facts at our fingertips. I teach everyone they don’t need to be a financial professional to understand the data provided to make smart financial decisions.

It’s my goal to guide America back to its pre-pandemic state. The economy is entirely different today but that doesn’t mean anyone needs to fall victim to it. Together, we can rise up and be successful again. COVID will be around for a long time, so we need to learn to navigate the ups and downs and become successful financially so we can support one another."

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